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Products WAREWASHING Undercounter Dishwashers
Front door dishwasher, standard rack size 500 x 500 mm, nominal capacity up to 40 racks, 720 plates or 1,440 glasses per hour / with double rack up to 80 rack per hour


  • VISIOTRONIC Intelligent Control: ensures a simple and intuitive operating with a single button. When the display is activated by a proximity sensor, all the necessary information appears in the large display, in clear text or in the form of symbols
  • Intelligent wash water control: constantly measures the quality of the wash water and keeps the amount of rinsing needed in each rinse cycle to the minimum in order to guarantee a fully hygienic wash result. This reduces the amount of fresh water used per rinse cycle up to 2.0 l
  • Double rack system: two racks can be washed in a single wash cycle. One rack of cups can be washed underneath, while a second rack containing dishes and cutlery can also be washed above it. Thanks to the optimum use of the entire wash chamber the performance of the machine can be doubled
  • CLIP-IN Wash and Rinse Arms both the wash and rinse arms can be lifted out of the wash chamber and replaced with one hand and without any tools
  • Intelligent data documentation: automatic recording of important operational data and consumptions and indication on the display
  • USB-interface: comfortable download of operational data in form of a protocol via USB
  • Fill level indicator: monitors contents of external as well as integrated chemical containers
  • PROOF Strainer Control: prevents operation without tank strainer
  • GENIUS-X² Fine Filter System: advanced filter system with prewash function reduces detergent consumption up to 35%
  • AQUA-PLUS Rinsing: intensive rinse cycle to wash glasses with critical design with raised fresh-water amount
  • INTENSIVE Machine Care Programme: for removal of calciumcarbonate and other deposits from wash chamber
  • Multi-phasing: can be connected to 400/50/3N as well as 230/50/1 (standard machine comes with three phase cable)
  • Ready to install - completely equipped: fill / drain hose, power cord (400 V connection), detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser, rinse pump, drain pump, back-flow preventer


Cycle times in sec. [1]90 / 180 / 360 and special cycles
Water consumption2.0 l/rack
Tank capacity10.6 l
Tank heating0.8 kW
Power supply400 / 50 / 3N
230 / 50 / 1
Booster loading

6.1 kW
2.0 kW
Total loading


7.6 (with cold rinse 6.8) kW
3 x 16 A
3.5 (with cold rinse 3.2) kW
16 A
Wash pump0.6 kW / 350 l/min
Rack size500 x 500 mm
Loading height425 mm
Noise level60.5 dB (A)
Weight (gross / net)70 / 60 kg
Drain hose2,000 mm
inner diam. 20 / outer diam. 25
Supply hose2,000 mm / R3/4"
Flow pressure0.5 - 10 bar
(with softener: 0.8 - 10)
Max. supply water temperature60°C
Required flow rate5 l/min
Power cord2,000 mm
Supply hose for
Rinse Aid

2,500 mm
2,500 mm
[1] To reach set rinse temperatures even with cold water connection, the actual cycle-times extend accordingly. 


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Plate rack 500 x 500 mm, 9 spaces, full peg for 18 flat or 12 deep plates up to 260 mm Ø or 9 trays up to 470 mm Ø
Universal rack 500 x 500 mm with wide mesh bottom
(for example for cutlery baskets for cutlery in upright position) height 7 cm
Cutlery rack with 4 boxes 230 x 230 mm

with integral handles and 4 compartements, for appr. 80 pieces (4 x 20)

Retrofit kit for integrated chemical containers
Insert for double racking
Cabinet base, 435 mm with removable door, 
stainless steel 18/9, 
providing space for 2 empty racks or chemicals
Shelf for cabinet base
Connecting cable (2,200) 
and plug for 230/50/1

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